Catalan Championship Tournament 2019

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On November 9, 16 and 23, the previous stage of Tarragona of the Catalan Championship by age in two categories, sub 14 and sub 16, was held at Unió d’Escacs Cambrils, with a total of 48 young participants ( 26 in the sub 14 category and 22 in the sub 16 category) belonging to 13 chess clubs throughout the province. The tournament has been played by the Swiss system based on 6 rounds valuation. The first three classified of each group will receive a grant from the Catalan Federation d’Escacs to play the final round of the Catalan Championship held in April in La Pineda.

In the group of the sub 16 the winner has been the player of the Club d’Escacs Masden verge Júlia Lisiewicz Jornet, followed by the second classificat the player of the club d’Escacs Reus öscar Cubero Ortiz de Latierro and the third the player of the Unió d’Escacs Cambrils Martin Jakovlev. In the sub-14 group the first qualifier was Gerard Añado Pla of the club d’Escacs Peó Vuit, followed by Alexander Domene Mulyukov and Lídia Sierra Magrazó of Club Salauris.

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