Winter tournament 2020

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This week the league has passed almost to a second plan for the appearance in the calendar of a new chess event, the first active vila of cambrils took shape in one of our headquarters: the hotel sol port Melia.

So on Friday night we will start engines with a rapid tournament that will be a classic of the cambrils chess: Julio Bonillo passed ahead of the players graduates to make the first position with an AMAZING 6 of 7. followed Close to a MF, Pedro Zurano Lopez (with 5’5) didn’t pass from the second step of the podium by surprise of all. From Here four players with 5 POINTS: Edu Moreno (Constatí), Sergi Domingo (Cerap Riudoms), Joan Caba Torra (EU cambrils) and finally with the best playoff and third classified: Ricard Nadal of the beach Aro.

Saturday was the big day and we don’t say it for lunch (which also) we say it because the asset brought together players from everywhere and was disputed all day as a warming for the league. After 7 rounds, Ricard Fajardo won the first place thanks to the playoff against Joseph Madria, both with 6 points. The third place with 5,5 was also decided for the tie-break and it was carles Martin Barceló (Pallejà) ahead of Vidal Madria Garriga. Highlight Joan Caba as the best player of less than 2000 elo points, Miguel Reyes best player of less than 1850 and Javier Gomez Sanz best player of less than 1700 followed by close By Isabel Marzal Salas and Cristóbal Navarro.

So we are going to also review the results of the league because there are important changes.

Cambrils wins in roquetes and is the sole leader of the preferential category, but it has 5 teams just half a point.

The cambrils b is left half a point at home in front of the flix and after the draw continues undefeated but second classified in the estela de la ràpita

Cambrils C surprises a cerap riudoms for 4 TO 2 that puts it fourth followed by a cambrils D that fell for the minimum against the valls E. Finally the E fell 4 TO 0 against the salauris D and falls in the ninth position.

Author: Joan Caba

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